We prepare traffic plans for all transport projects - big and small.
Traffic Plans, available permits and counseling

We prepare traffic plans for all transport projects – big and small. We work in several formats including AutoCAD and orthophotos.

In connection with work on highways, roads and cities, there are some very specific requirements for traffic to be followed. In certain situations it is possible to use the Road Directorate’s plans for marking of road works respectively highway, road and urban. However, in most cases, the requirement for separate and specific drawings showing how to be worked and the surroundings around.

At Danish road protection, we have many years’ experience in the preparation of traffic plans and know the requirements and prerequisites that are needed to get the most out of your traffic the project. We typically work from three principles; security, accessibility and performance.

We typically work from 3 principles; security, accessibility and performance.

In connection with road works, one will usually always be a nuisance to others and here it is about getting the project completed on the basis of a revised project and drawings. All our employees who prepare traffic plans have implemented PATH EU Stage II.

Development of traffic plans in the project phase

In connection with tendering can in some cases be limited to material about traffic. In some cases, only in text form. Can the project seem impossible, we will help to create an overview and find a common solution to the traffic and prices.


In connection with the approval of a traffic project, prepared a script with information about the project, start-up, methodology, and contacts.

Occupancy Permits for councilor of road space

When you need to work on Danish roads, it is required to be obtained specific permission available to the councilor of road space within the authority. We can help you apply for available authorization from the Danish Highways Agency or the local authorities.

NOTE. If you wish to apply for available permits from the Danish Highways Agency, there is a requirement passed ROAD-EU II.