We have a wide selection of temporary concrete traffic guard.
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At Dansk Vejsikring A/S, we have a wide selection of temporary concrete traffic guard for hire tested and approved in accordance with the Road Directorate’s requirements deflection etc. Temporary traffic protection is available in several different sizes, depending on the specific task.

Since safety is the key word with us, we do not compromise on quality and have carefully selected the best guardrails on the market that we have produced and worked with the last 12 years. Further, it was important for us that the product is conveniently and quickly set up and dismantle, as it creates a better working environment for the workers on the road. Similarly, there is also an environmental aspect in it and we can therefore have many meters on each carriage.

In connection with the rental of guardrails by Danish road protection can take place with or without mounting.

Delta Bloc 50

Delta Bloc 65

Delta Bloc 80

Delta Bloc 100

Accessories for guardrails

In connection with Delta Bloc, there are different opportunities for setting up fences or screens that protect against possible. noise or effects work towards the carriageway.

Site Fences mounted on guardrails

As the only company in Denmark we at Danish road protection offer installation of our construction site fence for mounting on top of our guardrails. This solution is unique and is specifically designed for large events where you want special protection and very high security. The overall height will be 3 meters incl. traffic guards and fences

For example used. for:

  • Barring demonstrations
  • Protection for special events with important VIP personalities
  • Protection against terrorism
  • Racing with the audience on the sides
  • Noise pollution

Close rails

By using closely monitor the Delta Bloc, one can ensure that any effects from the work does not come out on the roadway. Close screen for Delta Bloc is particularly useful on the lines where you work up of guardrails, for example. bridgework etc.

Remember that we are available with the collection of available permits from the Danish Highways Agency and local authorities.

Contact us for pricing and more information on 70 210 210.